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Guide N° 1 - Nodal Point | Feb. 2019
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Arnaud Frich Photography's practical guides - N°1

"Find the Nodal Point - or No Parallax Point - of your lens with precision in less than an hour"  |
  Published January 16, 2019   |   Updated on February 12, 2019

Cover of the PDF "Finding the node accurately in less than an hour" by Arnaud FRICH

How to find the nodal point of your lenses precisely in less than an hour, step by step? For beginners / advanced / experts

In this 100-pages PDF digital book in its latest version (8 chapters, step by step and 3 appendices) I share with you the fruit of fifteen years of experience and practices in the field or with my trainees, beginners and 360° professionals. This book, which shows you why and how to find the nodal point of your objectives, is aimed at both beginners and experienced photographers...

  • Wondering if this nodal point of your objectives is so important?
  • Wondering if you really need it?
  • Wondering how to find the nodal point of your objectives?
  • With what level of accuracy?
  • ... Especially with 360° spherical heads,
  • You no longer want to spend hours looking for it...
  • You are looking for tips and practical information...

I share with you all my experience, all my tips and tricks, to stop looking for it for hours and be sure of your move!

This PDF is optimized for A4 printing and playback on iPad and tablets.

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Excerpts from the PDF "Finding the node accurately in less than an hour" by Arnaud FRICH

v2.2 PDF Contents

8 chapters and 3 appendices :

  • Foreword
  • The latest updates
  • Introduction
  • Definition of the nodal point / No parallax point
  • Why do you have to turn your camera around the nodal point? What does the theory say?
  • And in practice
  • The importance of the nodal point in everyday life? In which cases could we do without it?
  • In which cases is it essential?
  • Finding the nodal point: to start....
  • Perfectly center its housing with the axis of rotation of your head With a spherical head (old and new models)
  • With a cylindrical head
  • Perfectly align its housing with the axis of inclination of the spherical heads (Photo 360°)
  • Precise node search: All my tips to find it in less than an hour!
  • My practical advice, whether you have a hybrid or SLR camera,
  • My experience to find it with great precision,
  • Keep settings in memory For single-row shooting
  • For 360° shooting
  • Special case: the stitching of Hervé Sentucq
  • Appendix A: Using the grid point values found on the Internet?
  • Appendix B: Does a change in MAP change the node?
  • Appendix C: How many nodes to look for in a zoom?
  • To go further....
  • Acknowledgements

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New of v 2.2 on February 12, 2019 - 100 pages

  • Many corrections of vocabulary.

New of v 2.1 on January 16, 2019 - 99 pages

  • Many revisions and improvements!
  • Updating chapter 5: Panoramic head settings according to the age of the model.
  • Updating Chapter 8: Find your settings according to the age of your panoramic head and its fixing system.

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Excerpts from the PDF "Finding the node accurately in less than an hour" by Arnaud FRICH

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