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Generalities about panoramic photography

What's a panoramic photography? Panoramic framing and composition   |   Geometric projections  |   Nodal point   Entrance pupil

Stitch a panorama

Summary | The camera | The lens | The filters | Photo tripods Leveling bases |   Panoramic heads | Panoramic heads on the market | My purchasing advice | How many pictures   |  The preparatives | Measurement of the light | The shooting | Edits | Optical distortionsstitching | panorama software | Final destination

Create your first panorama | How to make a panorama | What equipment | What software

Create a virtual tour

Summary | How many pictures Objective criteria | What lens | Camera criteria | Tripods | Bases | Panoramic heads | Panoramic heads on the market  | My purchasing advice | The preparatives | Measurement of the light | The shooting | Edits | Optical distortions | stitching | Final edits | Creation of a virtual tour

Software and equipment reviews

Autopano Giga 1/5 | Autopano Giga 2/5 | Autopano Giga 3/5 | Autopano Giga 4/5 | Autopano Giga 5/5 | Autopano Giga appendixes | PTGui 1/2 | PTGui 2/2 | Panotour Pro V2 | Panotour Pro 1/4 | Panotour Pro 2/4 | Panotour Pro 3/4 | Panotour Pro 4/4 | Photomerge | Hugin | Manfrotto 303 head | Manfrotto 303 SPH head | Nodal Ninja 4 head | Gigapan Epic Pro motorized head  | Kalahari head  | Gobi head | Cambo CLH-500 head | Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1 head | Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 head | Nodal Ninja P-2 pole | Bushman Panoramic Kalahari V2 | Nodal Ninja 3 Mk3 head | Roundabout-NP


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