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Updated on October 10, 2019

Panotour/Pro 2.5 tutorial

When Panotour 2.0 was released, I had never seen software evolve so much compared to the previous version. Unfortunately there will be no further action because GoPro, owner of Kolor, decided to close Kolor on September 14, 2018. This tutorial will therefore be of interest to license owners before that date.

    New ! Video tutorials in french : Panotour Pro 2.0 in 8 videos of 3h00!

The changes are so important that they almost force" me to change my approach in the way I share my tutorials with you. Impossible to write them: there are so many options, ways of doing! It is almost unbelievable!

You have two possibilities: either you're happy to discover so many new features, either you regret the "simplicity"of the old version! You're not safe from the second solution! But who would complain about it in the end. It's my job to convince you of the interest of this new version, of its infinite possibilities and to guide you through my seven new video tutorials.





Panotour Pro 2.5: new features and interface

As you probably already understood, this new version 2.0 has nothing to do with the old version, 1.8. In this first video tutorial, I will thus introduce you this new interface and the main new features of the software:

New interface and main new features in Panotour Pro 2 - 19'06

HD free video!

Main features in Panotour Pro 2.5!

  • Big change - panorama groups: it is now possible to create several levels of panorama groups like for instance one panorama group for outdoors and one for indoors, or one group per floor, etc.
  • A functionality is now called by a plugin: a "rain", "snow" plugin, for example, or even a "toolbar" plugin, etc.
  • A hotspot becomes a customizable plugin: asset, you can customize once and for all a recurring hotspot style; you need several types: create as many as you want!
  • You can set two control bars on the virtual tour;
  • The user can now hide the interface;
  • Google Map: via the opening of a Google account, you can get an API key compatible HTML 5 again for Panotour Maps!
  • You can easily switch from one panorama to another via arrow buttons "previous", "next";
  • Each panorama has its proper name that can be different from the file name;
  • In addition to maps (per panorama group) you can add a compass;
  • Description: image + text thanks to a widget;
  • The color of the buttons can be changed as you want;
  • Control of auto-rotation automation;
  • The little planet can start after an amount of time and can be applied to all the panoramas;
  • Mouse movements: you can choose to push or pull the panorama;
  • You'll be able to change the level of a sound;
  • You choose the buttons you want to hide;
  • You can change the color of the interface of each panorama group;
  • You can display an image gallery - Finally!
  • You can customize a polygon style and make it a widget;
  • You can open a panorama by opening a cube side;
  • Suppression of the white margin (not for free though);
  • You can prevent the display of errors on a panorama (for your clients);
  • Etc, etc...

This list will only give you a quick preview of the subtleties, so convenient during the realization of the virtual tour, from the customization of the virtual tour you'll deliver your client, etc. Nothing better than to show you all of this in a video!





Start and manage a new Panotour Pro 2.5 project

To improve your workflow, it is important to make certain settings at the opening of a new project in this new version of Panotour; here's why:

Start a new project in Panotour Pro 2 - 13'34

HD free video!

Among the new features of version 2.0, there's the notion of project. Let's see the settings and options of this new part...

Manage a new project in Panotour Pro 2 - 18'10

HD free video!





Manage panoramas and place hotspots in Panotour Pro 2.5

The management of panoramas was important in Panotour Pro 1.8 and it still is now but that's as far as similarities get!

Manage panoramas in Panotour Pro 2 - 18'21

Free HD video!

The hotspots editor has also been deeply redesigned and new features are numerous here. Let's now review them...

Place hotspots in panoramas in Panotour Pro 2 - 37'48

HD free video!





The brand new "Style" tab in Panotour Pro 2.5

This is the main new feature of Panotour Pro 2.O's new interface. The style tab now gathers all functionalities and graphic customization tools of your virtual tour.

The new "Style" tab in Panotour Pro 2 - 44'18

Free HD video!





Generate a virtual tour with Panotour Pro 2.5

We're getting close! Here are last pieces of advice to save and generate your virtual tour well.

Generate a virtual tour with Panotour Pro 2 - 11'22

Free HD video!



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