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Updated on February 28, 2019

All my recommendations to shoot your first panorama and start well...

Appareil photo sur tête panoramiqueWhether you use your iPhone, your smartphone or your camera, I'll give you,in these pages, all my recommendations to shoot your first panoramas! We'll thus see what a panoramic photography is and above see how it's done, very easily...

With a few pieces of advice, always very easy to implement so even if you're a beginner in panoramic photography or in photo, I'll guide you to help you shoot your first quality panoramas to share them around you. We will, in four big steps only, review everything that's important to know:

1 - First of all: what's a panoramic photography (format, angle...)? suivre

2 - How to make a panorama (digital cameras, smartphones...)? suivre

3 - What photo equipment do we need to make beautiful panoramas? suivre

4 - What software do we need to stitch beautiful panoramas? suivre

Let's start with this question: what's a panoramic photography?




A panoramic photography is a long photo...

A panoramic photography is above all a long picture. Most of the time, everybody agrees to say that a photo is panoramic when its length is at least twice its height.

"The ratio between its length and its height is superior to 2"


Photo non panoramique 24x36

panoramic photography au rapport 1/2

panoramic photography au rapport 1/3

panoramic photography au rapport 1/7

Piece of advice! The second photo (ratio 1/2) has become panoramic simply by reframing a classic photo shot with a wide angle (here 24 mm in 24x36). It didn't require any particular camera, any software or app on your smartphone. It's the easiest way to make panoramic photography even if the field of view isn't, consequently, very wide. The more common panoramic format is the ration 1 / 3 and there are numerous photo frames in this format.


If you want to learn more... read my detailed guide

I invite you to read my detailed guide in 14 pages suivre
And my page "What's a panoramic photography" suivre




A panoramic photography often shows a wide panorama...

But often, when we think about panoramic photography we think about a very wide photo as the one below:


Panorama de la Défense le matin


A photo of the same ratio between height and length can include two fields of view very different:


Angle de champ en panoramic photography

These two photos have exactly the same ratio height/length but the second photo includes 180°!


Piece of advice! Even if a panoramic photography is above all a long photo, most of the time it evokes a photo showing a whole panorama like in the photo of the Défense over here. A panoramic photography wants to show a wide panorama on a very wide field of view.

Drawback: In the end, note that when the field of view is very wide, the photo partly curves. This is called a spherical distortion, normal if the field of view goes over 100°.

So besides simply reframing the photos, how do we make a panoramic photography? With what photo equipment? What software? Etc. - How to make a panorama? Suivre


If you want to learn more... read my detailed guide

I invite you to read my detailed guide in 14 pages suivre
And my page "Panoramic composition and framing" suivre



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